Seasons’ Greetings


So, for the past few days, I’ve thought about the phrase ‘Season’s Greetings’. But the spin on the phrase has been the whole idea of greeting the season –whatever season that we’re in- with arms wide open. And I wrote about how there’s value in every single solitary season…for the farmer who recognizes the necessity of times of growth and harvest then dormant rest, and that there’s value in every season for us. And the whole little blog post was a very l o n g – w i n d e d  draft with lots of ‘points’ if I do say so myself. But better than all of it is this song. This song’s lyrics are so good.

So, me and my long winded self are gonna forego the sharing of the long points and just share a sweet song with this exhortation to embrace whatever season we’re in…with arms wide open. To greet the season we’re in and be intentional about recognizing the value in it.  Season’s Greetings to each of you now on this blessed Christmas day…and Seasons’ Greetings throughout the coming days months and years… Here’s to seeing seeds turn to sequoias <3.

Blessings in this season of your life and those to come ~







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