Thankful Thursday

To Green Pastures, Quiet Waters,

O’ Restorer of my Soul,

You lead me, You guide me,

You say ‘Be still and know’

Though the storm’s raging,

Light’s fading,

Lord please renew my strength

Like an eagle, Strong regal,

O Lord help me not faint.”

I’ve been reading Psalm 23 a lot lately. As I drove home tonight, this looked like a picture of Psalm 23 to me. My thought was that sometimes He can lead us to ‘green pastures’ when we take the long way home. He can remind us of His goodness if we take the time to breathe in the air from the rolled down window and take in the sights along the way. And how beautiful are so many of the sights along the way. Thankful for that for sure. ❤

Blessings ~


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