Serenity… can be…

“acceptance of what you can’t change

courage to change the things you can

wisdom to know the difference…”

(Reinhold Niebuhr)

Serenity can also be… just taking a walk and having eyes to see the beauty all around that needs no changing. Thankful for that. Yep…thankful that no matter how many things there are that might appear to need changing, that there are so many more things (and things that are so not ‘things’, as in people) right in front of me that I can be thankful for.  Can’t help but think we all have those ‘things’. Am taking a little time to focus in on them can make a big difference in the moments that make up our days. Just a few thoughts on from one who has prayed this “Serenity prayer”  a time or two, that’s for sure.



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