a few thoughts on giving and (not) receiving…


“You can lead a horse to water but  you can’t make him drink”

You can share the deepest truth, but you can’t force one to think

You can light a brilliant candle, but a friend can close their eyes

You can prepare a wondrous feast, but can’t give an appetite

You can give the greatest gift, but one must choose to receive

You can share the greatest truths, but one must choose to believe

What we can do yes we should, there is no regret there

Though we may not see results, we persist and cast our cares

For “It’s never for nothing when we love with no return”

some things are freely given and just cannot be earned

Oh the beauty of free will is a double-edged sword

Would that we would wisely choose to love…

..and let love be it’s own reward

as we leave results

to the Lord.

Light your candle in the dark

Let it shine, let it glow

Who is warmed or sees the light

Just might not be ours to know.



a few thoughts tonight that just happened to come out in a poem.

Blessings to you and yours~

Shine on 🙂



Oh, and here’s a song I listened to sooo many times in the 80s 🙂  Never for Nothing by Margaret Becker. Such a great song that I could hear in my head and heart as this poem kind of spilled out. Gotta give credit where credit is due.  The lyrics to the song are awesome…way outshine this little ditty of a poem, but just sharing the litty ditty anyway …



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