Thankful Thursday


Today, I’m thankful for my Tan-man who just got his driver’s permit.


We went for a long drive and here are some of the things I’m thankful for.


I’m thankful for fact that he stayed in his lane most of the time and that when he did accidentally change lanes too quickly, the other driver had good reflexes.Seriously thankful for that! I’m thankful for the ways that God protects us in big and little ways.  We never know what we’re protected from.  I’m aware of that for sure.


I’m thankful that I could look out the window and actually enjoy the ride and see the beautiful views amidst the jitters of allowing him to drive on the interstate for the first time.  I do think however, that I need to invest in a little magnet sign for the back of the car that says “STUDENT DRIVER and mother in car”.


I’m thankful that Tan-man continued on past a lot of exits after asking, “Should we take this one?” I’d say “No, let’s wait for one that’s less busy (meaning NO cars around).  We found one on down the road with no cars and an easy turn around and Tan-man did just fine.


I’m thankful for the communication that we had along the way and for the many, many hours that I still have left to sit in the passenger seat with my son learning to drive.  I’m thankful to spend time listening to my teenage boy talk and laugh and ask questions and that for one more year, I still have him captive (or he has me captive!) in the car.  Spending time with my kids is a precious, precious gift and I’m so aware of how fast the time goes. Yes, I’m thankful for the time well spent with Tan.


I’m thankful that as the sun went down, we had only had one near miss and we had only one angry driver beep their little horn at us. I’m thankful it was a small car horn and not a big scary intimidating horn that would’ve made us jump and given him the jitters.


I’m thankful that after teaching 5 of my children to drive I only have one more. And yes, I’m so thankful I still have one more, for just like the sun setting on a day, I’m so aware that this season ends all too soon.


I was also very thankful when it was close to 9:00 and he wasn’t allowed to drive and it was once again MY turn to drive. Honestly I was a bit relieved to get behind the wheel and have him in the passenger seat once again!

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