Day One ~ Thankful for….Baseball

Baseball in the Sand

30 Days of Thankfulness…

Yep. Baseball

Here’s the analogy today. Baseball game in the south. Lots of people from both sides watching a tie ball game with umpires who are making some questionable calls for both sides. The crowd was getting really loud with the ‘disagreements’ with the calls, and cheering on people, etc.

A batter gets up and there’s lots of cheering going on, and then the clear voice calls out in a calm and clear manner, “C’mon Chase. Let’s go, Chase.” The coach. His voice cuts through the noise of the stadium and the player rears the bat back with determination, focus, and strength.

So here’s the thing. There are many voices on the field. The player knows his coach’s voice. I know that the players love to hear the cheers of family and friends and teammates cheer him on. But there’s nothing like the voice of a coach. The player knows the voice of the coach who has taught him, encouraged him, chastised him, modeled for him, laughed with him, and been an example of commitment, hard work, and tenacity. His voice cuts through and the player responds and does what he’s been taught. Nothing inspires like knowing someone is in your corner and committed to helping you to be at your best. The balls leaves the pitcher’s hand and “Whack!” the player bats the ball out of the infield and then runs with a fury to first base. “Safe!!”

I want to be like that player. I want to hear the voice of the Lord cutting through all the distractions and directing, encouraging, telling me what to do next. That keeps me safe.

Love that my kids have people in their lives who encourage the tenacity, discipline, hard work, and commitment that comes with baseball. My son wants to listen to his coach’s voice because he so admires him and the far reaching, daily ways the coach puts himself out there to teach the players on his team. I see that my son realizes the deep commitment that’s been made, and he wants to rise to the challenge. He wants to please his coach. He works hard, listens, and responds to the encouragement and chastisement of the coach..and he grows.

My prayer is that one day, my son will realize that the greatest Coach of all is there at every turn. I pray that he will come to know His voice, and listen to that above all us. If he does that, no matter what, he will always be safe.

John 10:27 “My sheep listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me.”

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