Grace for the Moment

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There are times in our lives when we realize that we are reaching limits, and we feel as though we just can’t go on. But we have to. We say things like “One day at a time”, and try to do our best to ‘get through the day’.But sometimes a day can seem like an eternity. We need help right here right now. We need grace that will cover us in the most difficult of moments.

I can remember a certain day many years ago when I was a young mom of 4 preschoolers. It was one of those days when I was distracted with some struggles in my marriage.I felt stretched beyond belief. I’m sure that my children sensed my restlessness as they seemed to be a bit on edge as well. I can remember being in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch. The tasks were always close companions. I was feeling frustrated, angry, and overwhelmed. I had the radio on, and a song came on that snapped me back into reality. However it was not the reality of what I felt, but the reality of what is True, and what I could truly count on.

The song was Buddy Greene’s “Grace for the Moment”. My despair melted away as I listened to the words. I stopped cleaning and literally sat on the hardwood floor of the kitchen. I remember the tears rolling down my face as the reality of the words of the song sunk in. “Grace for the moment, all that I need Grace for the moment and faith to believe all the promises given are there to receive …grace for the moment…all that I need.”

That moment was a fork in the road for me. It was literally like a light bulb turned on inside of my Spirit. I got it. God was right here, right now. I knew the verse about God’s grace being sufficient for me…in my weakness. But somehow this song moved me beyond the words to the truth that God is not far off. He is present, in the now…the RIGHT now. All I have to deal with is this moment, this here and now, and God would give the grace to do just that. The future that I was worried about? That was not now. The past that I couldn’t change? That was forever gone. But in this moment, each sacred moment,…that was the moment that God would provide the grace for.

So here’s the thing. God IS. God IS present in the moment. This truth has been like a breath of fresh air to me through the years. We all have our stories, and I promise you, I have mine as well. But God has so shown up at every turn. As Psalm 46:1 states, He is a “very present help in a time of need.” Present. Right here, right now, He is present, available.

I love how God gives us visuals in the Bible of people’s very real struggles. Moses struggled when God told him he was the man for the job of leading the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses just didn’t think he could do what God was telling him to do. But God tells him two things. First, He says, “I will be with you.” And then, when Moses asks him who he should tell the Israelites that God is, He says, tell them “I am that I am.” In the now. The Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, Creator of all, and Ruler over all, says, “I am that I am.” Not “I was”. Not “I will be.” He says “I am that I am.” And who He is is a God who reaches down and is with us. Present in the Moments. Amazing Grace, yes, that’s for sure. Each moment, He is so available. The beauty of it is, a lifetime of moments are all lived one moment at a time…and it is but ours to invite Him to be with us in each one. And that makes all the difference.

As Buddy Greene says, There’s “Grace for the moment. All that I need. Grace for the moment and faith to believe. All the promises given to those who receive is grace for the moment, all that I need.”


6 responses to Grace for the Moment

  1. Love that song too! And I’ve been thinking much lately about God’s revelation of Himself as “I Am” … how whatever I need, He IS.

    Love you, Heather!


  2. smilingbug says:

    Your reminders about faith are wonderful, thank you for this and all of your lovely posts. How do you find the time to be such an avid blogger with your large family and work. You are an inspiration, thank you Heather.


  3. soletusknow says:

    Thanks so much for the encouragement! I always have these visuals and thoughts going round my mind, so blogging has been a quick and fun way to get them out! (In terms of home and work,three of the six kids are now living in apartments (at school, etc), so life is a bit more manageable than it used to be. Anyway….thanks so much for your words. They really encouraged me.


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