Weekly Writing Challenge ~ Playing with Space

Autism               Awareness


Autism                  Speaks

Who is Listening?

Autism                  Speaks

 Loud and Clear

But often not in our language

We see………….but their behavior is not appropriate

We hear…….but their reactions are too loud

We listen………but we do not understand


Maybe, we need to learn another language

Maybe we need to see that they are speaking loud and clear

But we don’t translate the message correctly

Like morse code that has been interrupted

Like sign language with mittens on

Like speaking Spanish to one who knows Chinese

Like yelling at a deaf man

Like using sign language with a blind man

We see, we hear,

but we do not understand.

Stop, and let the autism speak


interpreting through your language

and start listening to their actions

Learn a new language

Let them speak

Let us listen


They have a lot to say……..


6 responses to Weekly Writing Challenge ~ Playing with Space

      • shellakers says:

        HAHA! Most people usually want to hurt me when I send them an award. Glad you weren’t one of them. lol


      • soletusknow says:

        Am guessing my reply just shows my ignorance as I am new to this whole blogging thing and am not sure what receiving an ‘award’entails!


      • shellakers says:

        It doesn’t show ignorance at all. It just depends on what day it is for me to determine whether or not I’ll like it. lol Don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS appreciate them but sometimes I just don’t like doing what it takes to accept the award. A lot of people who’ve been blogging for a while still love getting awards and then there are those “cranky” types who act like if you give them an award, you’re doing it to annoy them. Some people don’t respond at all. The only thing you have to do is follow the rules of the particular award you’ve received. The Liebster awards are the worst because they seem to take a week to finish. You have to answer specific questions and then you have to post a whole NEW set of questions for 15 people, who you name in your nomination. THEN you have to contact those 15 people to let them know you’ve just nominated them. lol I didn’t even know what a Liebster award was so I had to Google it.


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