Filtered Through


“Everything that comes into our lives is filtered through God’s Hands”, said the Pastor’s wife who would become a dear friend and mentor. She would hold her hand open and give a visual as she said it.

I love the phrase “filtered through”. Like sunshine filtering through the trees. Sometimes we get the sunshine. Sometimes, what is filtered through His hands does not appeal to us, but may be the very thing that will enrich our lives and cause us to grow in ways that we’d never grow without the pain or the trial.

Romans 8 talks about “all things working together for the good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” All things. “All things”…that are filtered through can work together for good? Yes. As we bring it to Him. As we lay them at His feet. Everything changes. What is filtered through His hands into ours, we give back to Him. And the very thing we may have dreaded may be the very thing He uses to cause His light to shine in us…THROUGH us. Could it be that He often shines THROUGH us the most when we are the most aware of our need for Him? It’s not a blanket truth, but it’s so apparent in the lives of so many.

Praying that I’ll receive with grace the things that God allows, filters through His hands, into my life, and that He will shine through it all.

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