“Sometimes we want greater clarity~

when what we need is deeper trust.”

~ Ann Voskamp

I’m thinking a lot of us these days would like a bit more clarity on lots of issues. I’m thankful that in the midst of all the uncertainties, that we have One who can sort through the fog and reach us right where we are.

Maybe faith goes deeper in times when the way isn’t quite so clear.

Maybe we see our need greater when we can’t see the way ahead.

Maybe seeing our need helps us seek things we can’t see with our eyes. Maybe so. Praying so.

Maybe taking life one step, one day at a time will help us appreciate where we are instead of bemoaning where we’d like to be, or where we had planned to be.

Maybe the uncertainties, the fog, the not seeing the way ahead, can end up being the greatest gift because we learn to have faith not in the things that we see and touch and do, but in the One who made us and loves us more than we can conceive…and more than we can see.

We see in a “mirror darkly”–but so often we don’t realize that. We think we know, understand. We can so easily become wise in our own eyes for sure. Maybe there’s incredible beauty in this fog of not knowing, but merely trusting and knowing above all else that we are loved and that God is in our midst.

Even in the mist.

He is in our midst.

So bring on the deeper trust…and gratitude for moments of the lack of clarity that leads us to a better place and a bed rock of faith that stands secure no matter what is endured.

I’m thankful for Ann Voskamp’s words–because these days I’ve been wanting greater clarity on a lot of things…but am so thankful for the delay in that answer to prayer, because trust, deeper trust is a gift that is way bigger than clarity. Clarity puts things on me. Trust, well it puts things back on the One who loves us well. Trust is a knowing that there is one who is for you…and that you can rely on Him. Yeah, I choose deeper trust. Maybe that’s the best clarity we can have…to know that we are loved come what may and that God has good plans for those who call upon His name–and we can trust Him.

“Sometimes we want greater clarity~

when what we need is deeper trust.”

~ Ann Voskamp

Blessings ~


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