a few thoughts on…the red white and blue




Red– for the passion that spurred the vision for men and women to  start a country where “all men are created equal”, for the blood that was spilled in the past, the blood being spilled now, and the blood to be spilled in the future for the truth that freedom comes with a cost, and we are so blessed to have those who are willing to fight for freedom.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Red — for the blood spilled in the past, the blood being spilled now, and sadly, the blood spilled in the future that reminds us that, first, this freedom is worth fighting for, and the sad truth that even within the walls of our own country we are so not there yet… Not there yet at all.

White ~  for the purity of thought and hopes for a nation and the blank slate of a new beginning for a collective of souls desiring more for their lives, for their families, for their nation. White for the fresh starts that so many immigrants have had as they begin a new life when their feet hit American soil. 

And white — white for the color and that word that can bring up so many negative thoughts and feelings and realities these days. White for privilege and wrong thinking. White for the blindness that makes us not see the beauty of what is right in front of us in each other because we see with a filter that is predisposed to point out differences that divide rather than differences to compliment. 

Blue ~  the color of the  sky and sea and vast wide open spaces and freedoms that our beautiful nation still has. Blue for the loyalty of the one— those who daily work in the quiet of their own lives to build up rather than tear apart the fabric of our nation, one person at a time, one thread at a time.

Blue ~ for the incredible sadness and grief that our country is now experiencing. Blue for the battered and bruised principles that are so not upheld, and blue for the battered and bruised persons who are victims of the fact that these principles are not being upheld. Blue for the reminder that most impactful change that moves toward a brighter future often begins with a deep sadness over what is.

Just a few thoughts as I pondered the whole fourth of July thing this year…these aren’t summative by any means, just a few thoughts and observations in the midst of a few hopes that we can still see the good in our nation at a time when it is so very necessary to deal with some of the intensely wrong  issues.  

Praying that the current deep sadness of what is brings our nation to a new red (passion), white (beginning) and blue (Loyalty to principles and each other). Yeah, am saying more than just a few prayers these days for our country.

Blessings to  you and yours ❤



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