a little birdseed


I bought bird seed at the store today.  Given all of the things going on this week, well, it seemed like a good thing to do.

I didn’t rush in to the store. I made myself slow down.  I made eye contact with the people around me, said hi to the clerk who then said, “Welcome to Dollar General…”  A sweet older man said, “Hi”,  then acted surprised and said, “Now aren’t you pretty.”   It was then my turn to act surprised <3.   I smiled at him and his blue eyes and said thank you and then we both went to find our items….. I was looking for bird seed. I found it next to the dog food. Go figure.

Next on the list? Chocolate chips. The granola, walnut, and dried cranberry mix in our pantry might need a perk these next few weeks. Yep. dark chocolate chips would add a kick.


I picked up the last few items, paid for them, then drove home. I made sure the radio was up, and the windows were down. Music and wind are good for the soul.

When I went home, I didn’t rush to bring the stuff in. I walked down to the mailbox slowly, looked up at the stars, and walked back slowly. There was a green card in the mail ….a St. Patrick’s Day card from my aunt. My grandmother (her mom) LOVED St. Patrick’s Day. (I have the memories, and the shamrocks to prove it.)  Inside the card was a sweet photo that I had never seen. It was taken over 20 years ago of a good friend of mine with some of our kids. Sweet memories for sure. And not only that. It felt good to be remembered by my sweet Aunt Pinky. ❤



I unloaded the groceries, and then went for a quiet walk outside. I listened to the crickets….yeah, crickets. Spring has unofficially arrived. I heard some birds and sunk in a bit to the soft earth with each step.


Details. Ordinary, ordinary details. Ordinary, beautiful details in an ordinary beautiful life.

I’ve learned a thing or two in recent years. One thing I’ve learned is that during extraordinarily difficult times, the ordinary can make all the difference. In the midst of a changing world, it’s good to have some things that remain the same, and to embrace those things wholeheartedly. 

Sometimes those things look like slow walks, a windy car ride, good songs, and chocolate chips. And sometimes they look like making sure that alongside the bleach and toilet paper, well, it’s really important to buy birdseed too. One of my joys is watching the simple ordinary activities of birds…they flit and fly and sing, then flit and fly and eat. We’re not so different in that way. We’re not so different in another way as well–He who cares for the birds, cares for us. Sometimes ordinary things can remind us of extraordinary truths.

In the midst of this ever changing world, some beautiful things remain the same. I’m thinking clinging to those is a good thing.  It will look different for each of us, but will probably have similar effects….gratitude for the little things rather than fear of what’s beyond our realm of control or comprehension. I love that scripture talks about God’s love being steadfast, new every morning. EVERY morning. He’s faithful. He loves us. He’s steadfast and extraordinary, but resides with us in the midst of the most ordinary of things. That’s a beautiful, beautiful truth. I’m going to think on that.

In the days to come, when I have trouble thinking on that, well, I’m hoping my little bird friends will remind me of a thing or two. They’ll still be flit and fly and sing, and flit and fly and eat. I’ll do the same. As one who needs reminders to trust God and be like those birds, I need reminders.  Yes, I’m thinking buying birdseed tonight was a good choice. A very good choice.



Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” 

Matthew 6:26.

Phil 4:6 “Think on these things….”

p.s. Scripture also says that “the grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God remains the same.” (Isaiah 40:8). Yes, in the midst of much change, chaos, and challenges, there are beautiful, beautiful truths we can hold on to, and one is that God is steady and can be trusted. His Word remains the same. ❤




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