“Change your opinions, keep to your principles;

change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” 

~ Victor Hugo


I love this quote by Victor Hugo.

Life is full of twists and turns and seasons. It’s full of learning and growing and seeing things in a different light. Some things should always be changing and growing, and some things are a foundation that should stand firm, and be steadfast.

Going with the flow is important. Ships gotta rise and bow with the waves. But they should know when it’s time to put down the anchor and not merely coast.  Flexibility is a good good thing. Compromise isn’t. There’s a fine line between the two, that’s for sure.

The  foundation of a home is crucial. Don’t want to mess with a strong foundation upon which everything else is built. But shutters can be changed, and siding switched, walls painted and floors redone. But yeah, if you mess with the foundation, it’s messing with everything that stands on it, which by the way, is everything in the house.

Yep, Change the leaves. Keep roots. Change the opinions, keep principles. I love that. There’s freedom to grow, and there’s freedom to be steadfast. Just gotta be careful with what we choose to change and not to change. Just a few thoughts as I read this quote…



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