One of my favorite quotes is by Roy Lessin. I have it in a frame hanging on my wall.  Well, actually, it was hanging on the wall. The other day, just out of the blue, the frame fell down with a thump and landed on the desk underneath it. It made me jump and brought attention to this quote that I see everyday, but maybe, just maybe, needed to be reminded of again! Here it is:

“Victory is not found in the ease of our circumstance

or in the strength of our own resources,

but in the presence of the Lord who is with us.”

~ Roy Lessin


Thankfully, the frame didn’t break, and even more thankfully, it helped me refocus a bit and remember that regardless of circumstance or position, regardless of resources or ability, there is hope to be found. It’s not in me or my own gumption…it is in the beautiful truth that God is Emmanuel, ‘God is with us’.  “It is in the presence of the Lord who is with us.”

He is WITH us.

Now that is a beautiful thing to focus on. Thankful for the reminders that sometimes have to come crashing through our little worlds to help us reboot and remember (and when we forget, to remember again.) ❤


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