at our feet


Isn’t this beautiful? I mean, the colors and textures are such a cool blend. It’s a combination of dirt and stone, moss and leaves, pine needles and lichens. It’s a mix of organisms that are dead and alive and smooth and rough and bright and dull. Honestly, it’s a spot I’ve passed by oh so many times. But this time, I really noticed. I wasn’t in a hurry and was aware of the exact place my feet were….wasn’t looking ahead, and wasn’t looking behind…I was just aware of where my feet were right then.


I love the verse that talks about God’s word being a lamp to our feet. The Bible is  full of so much guidance and direction for where our feet should go. But so often, we want a floodlight that focuses on the paths ahead and what the future holds. We want to know what the next steps will be as opposed to focusing on the ones we’re taking at the moment. And it occurs to me that that can cause us to sometimes miss out on the beautiful but seemingly insignificant things right at our feet in the here and now.


And the ironic thing is that sometimes it’s the in the most difficult of seasons when we kind of hang our heads low and feel a bit down…that we actually  notice things we’ve never seen before–things that have been right at our feet all along. I love when there’s a flip side to things. (And I’m thinking there most often is!)

I don’t know what season you’re in. Could be full of lots of stability and you maybe see a clear path ahead and don’t  even need to focus on each little step to navigate your way.  Or you might be in a season of looking behind a bit….more focused on where  you’ve been than where you’re going. But for those of you who are walking in some uncertain places, well, here’s a little encouragement to try to see. To be aware and see and enjoy the moment you’re in. Because even in the difficult seasons, there’s beauty to be found. And if we’re concerned for what the future holds, well, we can miss out on some of the beautiful things right at our feet.

Those beautiful things right at our feet might not be things.They might be people in our midst. Conversations to be had. Prayers prayed. Whispers of gratitude. Opportunities to reach out to somebody on the same path. Am thinking we’re sometimes more aware of those in need of an encouraging word when we’re not on easy street. It seems to me that sometimes the best conversations come in the worst of times…it’s as though the difficulties cut through the niceties and bring important things to the surface. When we are not full of ourselves, there’s much  more room for God’s grace to pour on through. Love that.

There’s a verse that says ” But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” (2 Corinthians 2:14)  It says always leads in ‘triumphal procession’.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not a phrase I use every day (or any day actually!)  But here’s the thing. In Roman days, a ‘triumphal procession’ was a march through the city to celebrate the victories and accomplishments of a military commander. And as I read this verse, and thought about what a triumphal procession is, I couldn’t help but smile with understanding. Because Jesus won. He’s like a Commander who won The spiritual battle. And He goes before us. Christians are just called to follow and trust that the victory is already won. Not a victory over this issue or that. Not a victory over country or state, no it’s a victory so much bigger than that. It’s a victory for the ages, for all mankind for all time. And the victor being followed isn’t a pompous, egocentric conquerer. Nope. He’s a God who knows, sees, loves…walks with humility. Am thinking that those who trust Him can follow in that triumphal procession…and trust that He knows where He’s leading. It’s cool to know there’s victory then even if we don’t feel victory  in the now.

img_e0742So, wherever your path is now as you take daily steps, I hope you’re reminded that you’re not alone. And no matter how difficult this leg of the journey, well, trusting in Him will lead to somewhere good. Really good. Because the destination is not a place, but a being, not “Heaven” but eternal life of knowing Him. Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without the presence of God. Nope. It’s not about streets of gold or harps and clouds, it’s about Him. That’s where He wants our steps to lead us…There might still be some rough roads ahead, but we know the final destination….worshipping at His feet. And those very paths that are more difficult to navigate might just be the ones that lead us to adore Him all the more…and open our eyes to see the beauty that has been at our feet all along.

By His Grace ~



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