…up on a roof… (Not-so-Wordless Wednesday)

So I’m usually thankful when my kids are under one roof… but this time it was fun to be ‘up on a roof.’


It wasn’t with all of my kids, it was with just one. And it was definitely great to be able to spend time with Chase on his turf…even when part of the turf he enjoys most is …a roof.


Can’t blame him. (Am thinking James Taylor and Carole King would agree for sure. Yep, the link to JT’s rendition of “Up on a Roof” is below.) The view  and space was awesome. So was the wind. So was the conversation and the company… Yes, the company was my favorite. I remember my friend Deb once said, “where our children go, we go fearlessly.”  Well, I’d take off the “fearlessly” part for me because fear can rise up in me at times.  But I never regret the going, that’s for sure. So thankful for the worlds my kids open up to me and the opportunities to meet them there.

Blessings to  you and  yours ~



Wordless Wednesday

…and here’s another favorite. Different theme…but one of my favorites. “Rooftops”. Some things are def worth shouting from the rooftops… or better yet, hopefully living in a way that speaks louder than that. So thankful for grace that fills and flows and redeems…

4 responses to …up on a roof… (Not-so-Wordless Wednesday)

  1. I also enjoy the things my children have shared with me. All three were tree climbers and often they would sit up on a high branch so they could see downtown from our place. Your handsome son would have been at home in their tree. My kids would have been delighted to sit on your son’s roof too. 🙂
    I didn’t climb that tree, but I have climbed some scary places on hikes with my son. I’ll do just about anything for a good picture.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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  1. […] As many of you are probably aware, the East Coast has had a bit of a storm this week. Hurricane Florence made her presence known and hit Wrightsville Beach on Friday.  (Have I mentioned my son that goes to UNCW lives on Wrightsville Beach?…He can see the ocean from his balcony (or roof as he often does, and feel the wind and ocean air every time he walks out the door.)  I even  have some visuals of his place.  (Got to check out the views on his roof….)  up on a roof… a little time with Chase in his element  […]