time well spent


So the cold snap has hit. Our weatherman said, “so the pattern is crazy cold for awhile.”  But it didn’t keep  Chase and I away from our walk at the river. Correction. It almost did. But we bundled up and braved the cold.  As we neared the river’s edge, it was cool to see how light danced and sparkled like stars on the water. The cold didn’t change that.


The berries seemed even more red against the background of all of the icy blues.


The sun shone on us and though we couldn’t feel its heat, seeing it made bearing the cold a lot easier than it would be in the dark.  It’s funny how that works–that even though the temp could be the same, it seems a lot more cold in the dark when you can’t see the sun.


The icicles grew on skinny branches as the waters raged on.



We walked and talked and pretty soon we weren’t quite as aware of the cold. Love that…. It’s cool how so often, the harder, more negative things can melt away if we just push forward and focus on the good things that are. Seems like no matter how ‘cold’ it is, there are some really good things to focus on…  Thankful for that.

And it’s a privilege and a good, good thing to catch up with my 21 year old son…any day, any time, any temperature. (He’s home for a few more days then will go back to college…) I’ll brave the cold any day for that. It’s always time well spent…

Blessings to you and yours~


“If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.” ~ Lee Iacocca


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