Thankful Thursday


On this Thursday, I’m thankful for…

~”Guess what?!!” calls from a few of my kids this week and the joy totally shared about successes that come AFTER lots of tenacity and hard work and perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness.  I’m thankful for lessons learned and successes celebrated and that it’s a total gift to be able to share in the joy.  That’s a gift, for sure.

~ safety during the very short sunset ride with my son who does not yet have his driver’s license, just a permit.  Thankful that we have a bit more time till he’s able to get a license.  Thankful for the dependent who will stay dependent a bit longer, and for the independence that is growing in him.

~ crushed ice, and the kind workers at  Cook Out who don’t act like I’m crazy when I go through the drive thru and ask for a large ice water – and nothing else, and pay a whopping bill of 27 cents.

~ for the refreshment that little things like ice water give, and for the fact that it’s so readily accessible.  Prayers that I don’t take the little things in life for granted that are truly the big things.

~ for Lemon Verbena soap, and cucumber melon candles.  For lit candles that provide  a warmth to our home when there’s a chill in the air.

~ the fact that I could still wear sandals to school today on a late October day as the temperature reached the high 70s.  I know winter is coming, and am enjoying the last days of flip flops.

~ for struggles shared and lifelong friends that bear the burdens, and for the privilege of bearing burdens, sharing burdens, as well.

~ for football games and cheering kids and adults who really do want to get in there with their kids.

~for grace that carries me through the day from the minute my feet hit the floor till the end of the day.

~ for vitamins,…and coffee when the vitamins just aren’t quite cutting it.

~for students who struggle, but then realize that they can turn things around, and for those precious moments when they do change things around and are welcomed back into the community.  I’m thankful for goals and community and the hope that so many teachers really do seek to instill in their students at school.

~Thankful for song, and that the guitar that has been sitting in the corner for months was picked up today, and that it brings up the desires to write and to sing.  Thankful for song.

~Thankful for motivation. For dreams.  For passions.  For the total awareness that gifts are to be used, and the desire to find ways, to find outlets to use them.  For the joy that comes when you’re ‘doing your thing’, and for the joy I have as I watch others “do their thing.”

~I’m thankful for another day, and for the sobering fact of being reminded today that loved ones of those I care for have breathed their last.  Thankful for the reminders of how precious each day is.

Psalm 28:7  “The Lord is my strength and my shield, My heart trusts in Him and I am helped. Therefore my heart exults and with my song I will thank Him.”

Photo:  Boiling Springs, NC October 22, 2015

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