Thankful Thursday

thankful thursday

Today, I’m thankful for sunlight.  I’m thankful for sunlight filtered through trees, for sunlight shimmering on the water, for sunlight on my face and the warmth that is so much more than heat.

I’m thankful for walks and talks with a  dear friend…for the laughter, and words, and just time well spent that comes when we take a little bit of time out of our busy, busy days just to do the stuff that matters.

I’m thankful for projects…big, long-term, investment of blood, sweat, and tears types of projects that are -done!  I’m thankful for the ones who put their hearts, souls, and mind into creating things that will impact others. I’m thankful for the encouragement people will get just from hearing people’s stories.  I’m thankful for the one who is telling the stories, and that lately, people have taken the time to not only listen to, but ask about his.

I’m thankful for frozen spaghetti sauce with meatballs that makes for a quick dinner when my walk went a bit past the dinner hour and my family was home and hungry.

I’m thankful for a job that  s t r e t c h e s  me to the limit, but that’s part of growth.

I’m thankful for Gevalia coffee, spinach salad, and croissants. I’m thankful that the scale is starting to tip the other way after tipping a bit on the other side.  Somehow it seems that time at work makes me think of chocolate quite a bit.  Seriously.  On stressful days, I think chocolate.  And my skinny assistant always has some.  And so does my fellow teacher. I am realizing that while they are good for me in some ways, providing endless supplies of chocolate is not one of them. At all. I’m thankful that clothes still fit and that tight was never my thing anyway. I’m thankful for scales that tell the truth and the ultimate truth that beauty in the world’s eyes is so different from beauty in God’s eyes…He sees the heart and wants us free.  I’m thankful for health and exercise and that a few extra pounds isn’t the end of the world…and that beauty is so much deeper than fluctuating scales.

I’m thankful for teenaged boys whose Friday night activities consist of going to football games and coming home to watch “Football Friday night” and the marathons of Friday Night Lights on TV. I’m also thankful for the “WhOAAA”s and “OH YEAHS!!!” that come when they see that one of them  made it on TV on this week’s version of the local news’ broadcast of “Football Friday Night”.  Yep, a little celebrity can go a long way.

I’m thankful for my kids finding their way.  For jobs. For hard work.  For lessons that  say, “I didn’t realize how much there was to just keeping up with everything.”  I’m thankful for time well spent with my girl and for little things like candles and scarves, and leggings that can make a difference.  I’m thankful for ‘chic flicks’ and Nicholas Sparks and the fact that having a good cry every once in a while seems to make it easier to laugh.

I’m thankful for sons who want to come home from college, and sons who want to go back. I’m thankful for papers written and a sixteen year old son who really did want to think about the differences and similarities between Gilgamesh and Oedipus, and who knew exactly what he thought a hero is. I’m thankful for the arts and the way they stretch the minds and hearts of our kids and for the way people from the past can greatly impact people of the future.

I’m thankful for friends who hold firm to Biblical standards who may want to absolutely flip out in certain scenarios (and rightly so), but choose to trust God who is unseen rather than give in to the stress of the circumstance that is so very present and seen.  I’m thankful for faith that trusts in the firm foundation of what God can and will do rather than ride the roller coasters of life that depend on circumstances and people’s choices and attitudes and actions.  God’s grace covers and protects and comforts and allows those who trust Him to have a teflon spirit which lets things roll off that need to roll off. I’m thankful for sisters in Christ who encourage us to walk well, not to do what can be rationalized or excused.

I’m thankful for words.  For a 7 year old who is learning to use them and for the smile that comes across her face that seems to electrify her whole body. I’m thankful for magic markers, and stickers, pencils, and candies that encourage a struggling kid to keep working…that the struggle will lead somewhere worthwhile, and giving up just won’t.  I”m thankful for days when we see that teaching makes a difference….for gains made and the smiles and sense of pride and accomplishment that comes when students realize that they are making gains.  Funny, how academic gains can so impact the countenance of a kid.  I’m not talking about pride in a bad sense, I’m talking about confidence in a beautiful sense that encourages.  En-courage.  Give courage.

I’m thankful for Fridays. For thankful Thursday posts that come any day of the week.  I’m thankful for rest.  I’m thankful for a house full of boys/men, and ….me, and for a room to be able to have quiet and a candle while they have LOUD and football. I’m thankful for the fact that in the morning, they’ll be snoozing quietly, and I can have full reign of the house and put the music on and do my thing, and have my kind of loud.  I’m thankful for friends and family, for sure.

Blessings ~


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