Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Inspiration, part one”

moss island

I love the photo challenge for this week:  inspiration.    One of the things that I am so energized by is just the incredible beauty of creation.  This photo was taken in New Smyrna Beach Florida.  I don’t recall whether it was on an island, or just off the coast, but it was a glimpse into days gone by. The colors and textures blended together so beautifully …moss, leaves, bark, petals, sky, branches…and bright colors. There was a historic house on the property with an old tennis court, and huge live oaks.  It felt like walking back in to time.  The only things that were NOT inspiring were the huge mosquitos that swarmed and helped to shorten the stay!  I guess they inspired us to exercise (RUN!)


2 responses to Weekly Photo Challenge ~ ‘Inspiration, part one”

    • soletusknow says:

      That’s awesome. It was my first time there this May, but my parents have had a place there for years. I can see why it’s one of your favorite places on earth 🙂

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