Thankful Thursday ~ Remembering

josh and fish

A boy’s life.,,  Baseball games in the morning, fishing at night.  Can’t beat that! Wearing your baseball gloves to both hold the bat tighter, and to hold the slimy catfish without getting stung.  Yep, this is the life!  The guy in the middle who’s still wearing the uniform from the morning’s baseball game late at night?  It’s his birthday today.  But he’s not 8 anymore, he’s 23.  23  years old.  23 years young.  Praying that he finds that smile and joy in the simple things in life, the people he surrounds himself with, the mission he sets his heart and mind on, and the fact that life is a precious gift.  Praying that the boy who so had a mission everyday in his early years, will hone his skills and abilities to help him to find his place and niche’ in using his many gifts. Praying that we don’t lose our zest for life and the appreciation of the little things that are so the big things.  And as I’m praying, I’m so thankful for the time to remember moments like these…with sweaty boys and slimy fish and dirty baseball uniforms and a joy in my heart, smiles all around and sleep that is so sweet.  Yes, here’s to a boy’s life…even when that boy becomes a man.

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