Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Favorite Things”

favorite shoes

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have 3 students come to my room for lunch. It’s become a comical highlight of sorts of my week. We’re working on social communication during the time of ‘fine dining’ of school lunch cuisine. Today they were excited because the freezer broke at school and hot fresh pizza from Pizza Hut was ordered in for the entire school! In fact one of the students whose FAVORITE things include “eating”, had finished his entire slice of pizza sans the crust by the time he walked into my door. (We’re still working on learning manners!)

During the time that they are eating, I usually read a story as a conversation starter, or ask questions which encourage the students to talk to each other. Today, we were actually talking about “favorite things”. I would state a student’s name, ask a question, and then they would answer it. They would then say the next student’s name, ask the same question, and listen for the answer. As I said, we’re learning to communicate, and it’s sweet to hear these three very different boys address each other by name and patiently wait for the others to answer.

The first question was, “_____________, what is your favorite dessert?” He held the oreos cookies snack pack that he has EVERY day, and said, “Oreos and chips!” Then he asks, “______________, what is your favorite dessert?” We heard ice cream from one, fruit from another, and chocolate brownies from me. Then I asked, “What is your favorite holiday?” First one says, “Christmas”. The next student says “Thanksgiving.”..Yes. You guessed it…he’s the same one who ate his entire pizza slice while en route from the cafeteria to my classroom! I said, is that because you love to eat? A wholehearted smile and “YES!” resounds from this not so little second grader who still has remnants of pizza and orange slices on his face.

The questions go on and on until one student says, “Well aren’t you gonna ask about what our favorite allergies are?” “Or medications?” I just smiled and said, “Not today…”

I love how our favorite things say so much about each of us. I also love how I’m learning so much about these little guys. But more than that, I am enjoying seeing their worlds collide as they learn to make connections with each other. “Hey, football is my favorite sport too!” said one as the two boys eyes’ lit up upon disclosing their favorite sports. Who knows, maybe next week, we’ll talk about our FAVORITE allergies… I know at least one little guy who would love to share his favorites!


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