Daily Prompt Challenge – Thankful

Cracked Pot

Thankful for …

Sunshine. An alarm that works. Morning mist rising as the sun filtered through.Chicken Alfredo on the deck with my daughter. Citronella flame. Ruby throated hummingbird on the deck. Pond with running water. Son that fixed the pump that had stopped so that we could have running water in the pond. Our puppy Ava’s wagging tail and gray puppy dog eyes. The verse that encouraged me today: Deuteronomy 33:27 “The eternal God is my Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms…” Hugs from my students. Phone call from my husband. A student making progress in his reading. Comic relief during a classroom testing session. Phone call from a friend. God’s Hand of protection in a friend’s day. Coffee made by my son. Keurig coffee maker. Impatiens blooming. Recruiting letter for my son from a baseball coach at a great school. Encouragement from a friend. Laughter. Answered prayer. An iron. A cool breeze that blew as I left work. Work. My son’s youth group. Heartfelt apology from my son. Determination to move on. Baseball. 16 year old son studying with three friends for a math test and “getting it” after studying. Prayer with my son. My washer and dryer. Texts and prayers from a friend who knew some of the challenges I’m facing. An unexpected rebate check in the mail. A dishwasher that works. My health. Hearing my son sing in the shower. Warm water. The ” X Factor” and the awesome stories and talents that were on tonight. Coffee again. Time with my kids. Quiet after the kids are all in bed. Time to think. A soft pillow. Sleep.

And that’s just today…


2 responses to Daily Prompt Challenge – Thankful

  1. soletusknow says:

    Thanks, Kate…writing all the “little things” down helped me see the silver linings in an otherwise crazy day. Hope you’re doing well 🙂


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