F   A   L   L…

I love it..

Autumn reds and oranges and mango tones against a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. 
Winds that rush in and refresh and make the beauty move with life….

But then, the same winds strip the trees.  Leave barren branches…in the cold of late Fall and winter.

then………. spring…new life!  new GREEN.  New hope.  A new kind of beauty that slowly approaches then seems to totally Pop!

Thankful for the beauty in the midst of it all.

So here’ s the thing.   The HOLy SpiRiT rushes in  like a wind.  Refreshes where invited and creates movement and brings life to the colors!  It creates beauty, refreshes, and blows away the old. But , some of the old will be blown away, out of the picture,….and the barrenness that remains will be replaced by new true life.  Green.  Life-giving.  Growing.  Showing beauty in a whole new way.

So here’s the application thing…I  want the beauty in my life not to be what I see as beautiful. So thankful for new beginnings as I face this ‘middle’ of my life.  Not a mid-life crisis by any means.  Just mid-life changing of hopes and dreams and a leaving behind of the old. Am so aware of the aging process….kind of like the leaves.  There’s beauty, but not like the freshness of Spring, well it’s definitely a new look!  It is replaced by the lines of experience! Want the beauty to be what God creates and sees…and what He wants to do in me….and Through me. Praying for the HoLy SpiRiT to rush on in and refresh, revive, and renew! 

Bring on the Rushing Wind….and let the old





to renew and restore and revive and grOW.  I’ll enjoy the beauty of the colors and the process and the growth in the midst of the process. 

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