One day.


One day.

One day at  a time.

That’s a good slogan or motto. More than a motto, it’s a truth to hold on to.  This truth that we have this moment, this day, and don’t know what the next day will or will not hold is something that doesn’t need to be made light of. This motto, this truth, this slogan reminds us to focus on the now. I love Jesus’ words to “let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.”


But some days, sheesh,  it sure is harder to cling to truth and hold on to hope. Circumstances can scream pretty loudly sometimes. So can regret. So can fears of what the days ahead may or may not hold. Regret of what’s behind, fears of what’s ahead—well when you combine the two it’s a double whammy that feels exponential.

Irony of ironies–we can sometimes precipitate or invite what we fear most by actually fearing it. We can bring on the very things we fear by not allowing ourselves to trust God in those moments where the rubber meets the road. Fear and worry changes how we respond to things, what we invite in, what we don’t.  It’s easy to speak of faith in the church pew on a Sunday morning. It’s easy to smile and be at peace when we’re doing well and there are no significant issues at hand. But to hold stress at bay and cherish the moment despite difficult circumstances—that’s a whole different level of living one day at a time and cherishing the moment. That’s a whole different level of faith. It’s a whole different level of trust.


Even though things can be so hard at times,  we are still encouraged to hold on to this  one moment, this one day at a time, no matter what we’re facing. To breathe it in, live it fully, and come what may, embrace it as our own. The beautiful thing is that things can turn in an instant, but another beautiful flip side is what happens to us as we cling to truth.

We grow in courage. We stretch. We own what is ours and let go of what is not.  We see what is important and don’t get as caught up in minutia and wasted time. Tough times have a way of filtering out the fluff. As we embrace each moment, we can tap into a strength that overcomes rather that a fear that consumes.


I promise this is not just me talking, some theory, some pie-in-the-sky theology. It’s  been a  life line that can become the bridge between a hard present moment and a better “what is to come.” (I’ve had a bit of practice if I do say so myself<3)

Because if we fight things, if we put our energy into worrying about what we can’t control, or blaming, or regretting, well, we even relinquish and surrender that which we can actually control….our response to this moment in time.


The faith that Believers are called to is one of peace in the storm.

It’s one of light that shines  in the darkness, and hope that gets through the difficult moments by clinging to the things that are true rather than fears that consume. I

t’s one of hoping when things scream of despair.

So here’s the thing. I’m thinking that it is so so much easier to face those moments with a one-day-at-a-time mindset, when we have a “One Day” mindset. The “One day” mindset knows that the end of the story, however long it is, is good. That the end of the story, however difficult the chapters are, is good. That the end of the story has already been written and shared through the ages. That “in the world you have tribulation, but be  of good cheer, I have overcome…”


I’m thinking we’re called to be  over-comers because we can trust  in the One who has overcome. Period. He has Overcome it ALL which opened a gateway for all who trust in Him to know that the ultimate outcome is a good, good ending, and He’s a good, good Father. That’s a reason to sing for sure. That’s a reason to smile. That’s a reason to have peace in the storm, see light in the darkness, and  hope amidst deep, deep struggles. That’s a reason to be able to take this life in little bits and pieces and enjoy the moments and the little things even when life is oh-so-not-hunky-dory. We know the end of the story…and it’s good.


Here’s a song called “One Day” by Cochren & Co.  that says what I’m trying to say (and remind myself of) way better than I have for sure. It’s one that I am singing loud and clear to myself (in  my car and behind closed doors, lol). Please listen if you get a chance. It’s a good one.

Have a good day, friend ❤



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