I’ve been singing a new song a lot lately. If you want, you can click the link below while you read….it’s a great song ❤ And it made me thinking about knowing, and being known…so here are some of my oh-so-informally-written thoughts and reflections. (And if you don’t have time to read, well, please listen to the song…it’s so good…)


a knowing can chase away the most gnawing of thoughts…

a knowing can be an anchor in hurricane-force winds of change…

a knowing can be a light in the darkest of moments…

a knowing can allow one to breathe when , well, when they can’t breathe…

a knowing can be like solid ground in an earthquake, like water in the desert, like a fire in the cold…

a knowing can illicit a smile in the loneliest of times, or a tear that breaks through a hardened heart, or a quickened step that overtakes exhaustion …a knowing can make a restless heart REST...

It all depends on what that ‘knowing’ is .

DSCN1811We are admonished to ‘know’,  to press on to know the Lord.  To know His Word. To know and grow in the reality of who He is. We are admonished to ‘know Him and the  power of the resurrection. We are called to press on to know the Lord, to draw near, to seek and find HIM. The treasure that we seek is Him. This knowing, this KNOW-ledge is more about relational intimacy than it is about academic pursuits. The pursuit is HIM. Knowing Him. Not just knowing about Him, knowing Him.

We are not told to seek a feeling, to seek perfect circumstances or to be surprised when life gets tough. No, we are called to be tenacious Know-ers—Those who know and trust  in God and do not waver when feelings or circumstances overwhelm.

And the beautiful, amazing thing is, that the more we Know Him, the more we realize that we are known.

Known. Loved. Accepted.

And maybe that is the most amazing thing of all to know—that we  indeed are truly known. Beautifully, beautifully known.

DSCN6898He knows. He loves. He is good.




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