the cup

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“If God has made your cup sweet,

drink it with grace. 

If He has made it bitter,

drink it in communion with Him.”

~ Oswald Chambers

Reading “My Utmost for His Highest” never gets old for me…  I’ve read it since I was in high school, and that’s been quite a long time. But some days, as I read the devotional, the words jump off the page in a whole new way.

Today was one of those days. I want to remember what I read today.

“If God has made your cup sweet,

drink it with grace. 

If He has made it bitter,

drink it in communion with Him.”

~ Oswald Chambers

And maybe some of you might need to be reminded of the truth to not battle what’s in your cup…but find the good in it, and draw near to God in the acceptance of it.

I used to drink coffee with sugar and cream. Sometimes, it was like I was having a little coffee with my cream, lol…  But,  now, I drink it without sugar. It’s not as sweet, but it sure is much better for me to not have so many teaspoons of sugar.

Sometimes we might try to sweeten up the bitter things in our lives. We might deny, or downplay the hurt, or turn a blind eye to it. We might try to disguise it from others or even from ourselves. I think God wants us to see things in full light and bring  it all to the throne of His grace. Not easy sometimes, but so much better for us. We are admonished to thank God in all circumstances…and not disguise the hard because, the cool thing is that God can redeem the most bitter of things in our lives as we continually bring them to Him. If we accept the challenges with the knowledge that He  knows, He sees, He hears, and draw near to Him with it, well, we gain strength in the truth that He is with us through it all. All cups.  Cups that hold the bitter and cups that hold the sweet.

And when our cup is filled with the sweet, how awesome it is to embrace, enjoy, and thank God for it all.  We probably all have a lot of the sweet and bitter in our lives…a mix of both. I love that we can  accept it all with Thanksgiving as we trust the one who can work all things for the good as we lay it at His feet.

Yes, I want to remember this.  Am hoping maybe some of you all do as well ❤




“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

James 4:8

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