a few thoughts on forever…


“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” 

Not much lasts  forever. Surely not grass. Surely  not fragile flowers. Nope. They are lucky to last a season. And the best of folks (and the worst) will all find their day of passing. But what lasts forever?  The intangibles I think.  Intangibles like love, hope, and the Word of God…Truth has a way of standing on its own through circumstance,  through time.. Sometimes it just takes a little time for the imperishables to be seen in the same light as the perishables.

The things that last forever are so far from so many of the things we pursue. We pursue the ‘stuff’, but what lasts is the eternal stuff that  you can’t hold in your hands, you can just hold in your heart. I love the verse that says “eternal life is knowing God.”  Not will be. IS.  Forever doesn’t start out there. It starts now. And the pursuits we have, well, they have a way of showing us where our heart is, what we value. Just a few thoughts as I passed a field on the way home….


The eternal God is your refuge and  underneath are the everlasting arms.

Isaiah 40:8


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