…a few thoughts on resilience…


I saw this little dandelion in the parking lot at school the other day. It was after a long day  that still had lots of places for me to be and things for me to do…and maybe that’s why seeing this dandelion made me smile with gratitude. It made me think about resilience…and how resilience, the ability to bounce back, is a pretty cool thing.

Resilience doesn’t develop in the ease of circumstance. It develops in the midst of obstacles. It adjusts,perseveres, and is flexible in the challenge. Resilience overcomes by adapting, moving forward, and knowing when to push forward and when to wait and maybe even rest. Resilience might be born out of hardship, but resilience–this amazing ability to adapt and grow in the midst of obstacles—can also minimize the greatness of the obstacles. For resilience focuses on what can be done, not the million things that can’t.

I’m not sure how many dandelion seeds fell in the crack in the concrete. But this one grew. It made it and it’s a splash of color in the midst of the gray. It’s a reminder that things can grow in the most unlikely of places…and it’s a beautiful thing when they do. Sometimes those who have overcome the biggest of challenges, have eyes wide open to see the littlest objects of resilience–and the gratitude to be thankful for the little victories. Because resilience is all about little victories that can become the big ones. It’s about taking a step that becomes a journey, and facing and staring down a fear that can become a mindset of faith. It’s about enduring the difficulties in relationship and weeding your way through to see the beauty that can be drawn out. Yeah, resilience can show up in a million ways—and I’m thankful for the one that showed up to me through a little dandelion in the parking lot.

Blessings ~


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