So, I talked to my son Chase today.  He’s away at college, about 5 hours from home.  I wanted to let him know a few things including the fact that a package should be getting there on his birthday.  I kind of gave a disclaimer though, because I had made cookies and I said they didn’t really turn out well and so I didn’t send them….and this…this is what he said:


Oops. And so I right away finished my sentence with, “but I’ll make some more and send them in another package I promise.” Hadn’t planned on it but I sure wasn’t gonna leave it at a tease. I learned a long time ago that moms need to back up their words with action…whether it’s good actions or consequences, and this time it definitely meant making cookies…SOON!


He said, “Yeah, mom. You can’t tell me you made cookies and talk about a care package but then tell me you didn’t send them. That’s just not cool…” and he laughed and I laughed, and then I marched myself on home to make a batch of cookies that I would make sure to turn out this time.


Chase is right. It’s not cool to tease. I  mean when you say something, actions oughta back up words.  For the good, or not. And if we’re not going to deliver on something good, well, it’s definitely best not to even mention it, that’s for sure.

So here’s the thing. In a world where lots of words, words, words  are spoken— some legit and some so not, well, it’s an awesome thing to know that God’s promises are good. They are true, legit. His promises are backed up by the real deal. His promises are kept…and we are kept by Him. “He keeps him in perfect peace him whose mind is stayed on thee because He trusts in thee.” His promises are not a tease or empty words. They are good.


So, Chase will be getting a package in the next few days. I think when you’re far from home, any taste of home is appreciated…(especially when you’re a 21 year old guy and you love chocolate chip cookies. ) I’m gonna deliver on the goods and am thankful he said, “Nooooo!!!” Because he reminded me that words aren’t meant to tease. Words are meant to deliver. And in this world where so much feels uncertain, there need to be a few things we can hold on to…God’s word, loving friends and family, and little perks like chocolate chip cookies to name a few.

Chase at Sunset Beach

Oh, and if you think of it, say a prayer for Chase. It’s his birthday tomorrow and I’m just thanking God for the gift of having him in my life and asking God to bless him and draw him near. Of all the things I would hope for my kids, a life of faith in God is the greatest. I mean, even his mother who adores him can drop the ball on a promise. But God?  God’s love never fails….and his mercies are new every morning. Every single solitary one.

Blessings ~


“As for God, his way is perfect:
The Lord’s word is flawless;
he shields all who take refuge in him.”

Psalm 18:30

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