Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


Am in a few book studies these days… some professional, some devotional ❤   Am so aware that there’s always so much more to learn in order to grow and live well and love well… But I’m also letting myself sit in the knowledge that there IS always more, and will always be more…and that’s okay.   Thankful that I know more than I did yesterday, and hopefully will know more tomorrow than I do today.  Hoping that what I take in will be poured out in my own life…fleshed out in the opportunities that I’m given, and translated through my own  taken in and lived-out-version.

I love that we all have different takes on reading the same info…our own lives translate things in new versions of the same thing. I so believe God created each one of us so unique…and gave us gifts to be translated in our own ways…not carbon copies, but new and refreshing takes on age old truths and principles.  A few thoughts as I process lots of valuable info and realize sometimes I do bite off more than I can chew, but those times are often the very times when  more growth occurs. Hopefully so, anyway!   Oh, and my apologies from my oh-too-wordy self… for not being a rule follower today with the Silent Sunday.  I’ll do better next week 🙂

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