We Celebrate You


You might not be called ‘mother’ with a biological child

But oh, how you have built into so many children’s lives

You might not be called ‘mom’ with children of your own

But how many are the seeds into lives that you have sown

Your ‘children’ are many, and I hope that you well know

That oh the seeds you’ve planted, my friend how they have grown!

God knows the way you’ve vested your heart, your gifts, your time,

How seeds of love well planted now bloom in many  lives

He knows the plans He has for you, He reveals things in His time

How beautiful is the life you live and I hope that you will find

That when you look back on your life and think of the word “mother”

You’ll see how you filled such a void to those who had no others

You’ll see the grace, the hope, the joy you’ve fed into their lives

Reflect that love right back to you as you look in their eyes

So on this Mother’s Day, my friend, I want you to hear

You’re celebrated every day by children far and near

You’re celebrated for the love you’ve born into their lives

How beautiful the blooms you’ve planted child by child

So on this day , I hope you hear these words I say so true

Happy Mother’s Day, dear friend, we celebrate YOU!




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