Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “On the Way”

on the way kayak

a few thoughts on “on the way”

The  traveling “through”

is often so much more than the  getting “to”

In other words,

the journey is often so much richer than

reaching a destination.

We spend a lifetime of moving toward destinations,

and only moments arriving.

I am thinking maybe that’s why it’s so important

to enjoy the journey…the little things along the way.

Because the little things are so often the big things…

and if we’re so busy looking at our destination,

we miss the beauty right in front of our eyes….

not just the beauty in the “what”,

but the beauty in the “who”.

Here’s to joys in the journeys

and the eyes to see them!


4 responses to Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “On the Way”

  1. Melissa says:

    GORGEOUS! Do you have a secret spy camera on me because I needed this so BADLY right now!
    Love you, thank you, hugs to you! xo


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