Never Forgotten



when we least expect it,

we have little reminders of those we have lost

Reminders that make us remember and smile, and appreciate

the beauty that was not lost

but that is just now hidden

from our view

Like forget-me-nots

that emerge from the ground in the Spring

these memories emerge from our hearts and we remember

those who are never forgotten

and appreciate the beauty of their presence in our lives

even though they aren’t seen in full view.

souls are eternal

And ….Easter…is not just a Holiday

It’s a reality of Resurrected Life

Little blue forget-me-nots

not only make the remembering sweet,

but give me hope that what seems gone forever,

like the forget-me-nots over a long winter,

will emerge with a trumpet sound

and their life is  Eternal.

Never forgotten.

Always remembered.

Just a few thoughts as I think of those who have gone on before us this past year.  Missing some very much and feeling for others who I know have lost deeply cared for loved ones. I love the way God speaks in the ‘little things’, like little blue ‘forget-me-nots’ covering the grass in the Spring.

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