Thankful Thursday


Thankful for family and coffee and easy roast beef croissants for dinner, and for the “thanks Mom’s that I got for preparing even such a simple meal. I’m thankful for shelter and heat and hugs from my students.  I’m thankful for laughter and music and a fuzzy blanket on a freezing cold winter day.  And …for some reason today I’m thankful for the beauty all around but especially for trees. Trees have roots that go so very deep and branch out below the surface and the work of nourishing and supporting is barely visible to the human eye.  The roots can go as deep as the tip of the tree goes h igh. But there’s no glory there. Not for the roots. But if it weren’t for the depths, the heights just wouldn’t even be a possibility.  Am thinking there’s a good analogy there for sure, but will leave it at that for now…

Blessings to you and yours –


Thankful Thursday

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