Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Angular”


angles hospital


In looking back over some of my favorite “angular” shots, I realized that some of my favorite photos in this category were taken during hospital stays.  There are lots of clean fine lines, straight edges, squares and rectangles and neatly designed orderly boxes.  Maybe the order and fine lines of the surroundings grant a little comfort for those who find themselves at crisis points in their lives when things are anything but orderly and planned out.  I know there are some positive hospital stays,…like having a baby, or going through a planned surgery for one’s health and betterment.  But, often times, these straight, tall, well-planned hospitals  are full of people whose lives have been turned upside down by an incident, a tragedy, an illness that blindsided them and makes their lives feel anything but ordered.

Here are a few of my favorite shots for the weekly photo challenge of angles…

angles clock


The Clock on the Wall

slowly tick, tick, ticks as the shadows gradually inch across the wall.

ticks of the clock, shadows and light…..quietly remind that things are always changing

even when it feels like it stands still within the hospital walls.



Sights and Sounds

If there were audio to this photo, you’d hear the loud rhythmic sounds of

the propellers of a helicopter rushing in for a landing on the roof…

the same roof where my son had landed a few days prior to this photo being taken.



Morning…or is it?

Days and nights get a little confused sometimes

But one thing is certain.

A warm soft blanket, some sunshine, and a little rest

sure are good medicine for those who are doing their best to care

for their loved ones in the hospital bed.


…the sun rises still.

After a long restless night of beeping machines, nurses rushing in, endless pleading prayers,

this sight felt like rays of Hope streaming into the room that  morning.



I know the photo challenge is “angular”, so I’m stretching it a bit….

but these next photos are taken from “angles”, or points of view.

this was the mom’s eye view

after all of the wires and pumps and IVs and gadgets were slowly taken away

there was just a 13 year old boy

resting, rejuvenating, recuperating.



and here’s that 13 year old boy

and a view of his view

up on the roof of the hospital

gaining strength,

gaining perspective,

branching out of the four walls of his room.

I’m thankful we’ve had very few hospital stays and visits.  I’m also strangely thankful for the time spent there.  Sure makes me appreciate the days outside of the walls of the hospital, and all that those who are within the walls go through on a daily, monthly, etc. basis.


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