Thankful Thursdays ~ Firsts

Behind the wheel for the first time…

(still my beating heart!)

Tanner first

First deer….first try with a cross bow…

first deer 6 josh

First Day of Fall…

the Autumn colors are already beautiful…

First Fall

…and another son in college got his first exam back, 101% today.  Yahoo! And he has his first interview scheduled. Yahoo again. Amazing how many firsts can happen in a day, or a week…

Yes, am very thankful for firsts for sure…..and that they don’t stop when the kids are little with first teeth and first steps.  Am thinking there can always be lots of firsts on the horizon…for my ever-growing up children, and for me as I venture on in my own life…in my journey as a mom, a wife, a Christian, a songwriter, a sister, a daughter, a teacher.  I’m thankful that there are hopefully still lots and lots of first for this woman who will soon be entering her fifth decade of life.   Whoa.  Now that’s a first!  

Praying that in all of my ‘firsts’ to come, I’ll be seeking Him first.

By His Grace~


“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and then all of these things will be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33

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