Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Kitchen

Pasta Jars 1

The prompt was asking about a key ingredient, a staple in our kitchens. My first thought was definitely coffee, fully-loaded!  (But that’s not necessarily my family’s staple, it’s for me and my mental health.)  But in terms of family staples in the kitchen, I would have to say that pasta wins.  These jars are always full of some kind of pasta. We have pasta in many forms each week. The variety switches from rotini to penne to tortellini to farfelle, to macaroni, and back again.  We have these short chunky jars for those pastas and three tall canisters for angel hair pasta, spaghetti, and linguini as well.

We are not Italian,…but…we do like to eat! We are not Italian, but…there are 8 in our household when we’re all home, so feeding the masses took a lot of creativity in order to S   T   R   E   T   C   H the food budget.  Pasta was my answer to that challenge in the early years of raising our kids, and continues to be our answer now! Changing up the form of the pasta came when the kids were all in elementary school and I’d hear, “Spaghetti again?”  I really couldn’t blame them!  We switch up the sauces from having meatballs, to shrimp, to alfredo, etc.,  but pasta is definitely on our table multiple times throughout the week!

It’s a bit funny these days though  because now spaghetti is one of my kids’ favorites meals.  Funny how things turn around.  I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, and that for my family, when they think of pasta, they think of home.


2 responses to Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Kitchen

  1. Imelda says:

    Pasta is tasty and easy to prepare. That, along with beans (which to me is not as tasty) is my husband’s solution for feeding 4 teenaged boys in the future. 🙂


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