“It’s Complicated…”

I love to garden. I love to be a part of the process of having a vision for what a combination of plants will look like. I like to water, wait, and watch for new growth.

I don’t like to weed.

Weeding takes time. The weeds grow so much faster than my favorite plants ever do. If weeds are left to their own devices, they become a tangled mess. The beauty of the garden can’t be seen because the weeds can overtake them.

So many complications in life are like the weeds. Living simple lives takes diligence and a committment to ‘weeding out’ the little distractions and hindrances that can become a tangled mess. The little financial indescretions can become a huge debt, the unfinished daily tasks can become a mountain of work to complete, and the unspoken conversations and apologies can become a huge wall in our relationships. They must be ‘nipped in the bud’ in order to keep them from growing and taking over.

I long to live a simple life. Full, but free of the unnecessary distractions that weigh me down. I am finding that daily diligence and discipline, along with a joyful perspective of enjoying the beauty of the moment can help me to keep the fast-growing weeds from creeping in. I need to control what I can. God will direct what I cannot.

The Bible says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” We are to be diligent with daily seeking the Lord in prayer, in study, in obedience. And the desires of our heart? They follow. I have a feeling that God’s desires for me in my life are so much greater than what I could engineer on my own.

I love the way that flowers planted together naturally fill in in ways that are much more beautiful than I could do by propping them up a certain way. My job is to plant, water, weed. It is to weed out the things that can cause me to be a tangled mess. I believe that God’s designs for our lives can be so much more beautiful and fruitful than what we could’ve imagined.

The beautiful simplicity in my life is something which I am to guard and be diligent towards. To have faith to see beyond the moment allows me to choose daily discipline and diligence. To know that being careful to live a life free of distractions and disobedience, will allow for me to freely enjoy and see things so much more clearly on down the road. To make the daily choices and often difficult disciplines to say no to the things which I know can hinder me and those I love, and say “yes” (in word AND deed) to the things which will allow me to truly delight in the Lord with no complications.

Simplicity and freedom, yes. Complications and hindrances, no. My choices will lead me either to a tangled mess of weeds in my life, or a beautiful garden. Praying for the discipline, grace, vision, and strength to be a warrior at ‘weeding’ out the hindrances and complications in my life and pursue the simple beauty of the garden.

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