I love the way water reflects surroundings.  It’s a glass mirror of sorts that reflects in part, not in full.  The ripples of the water add to the abstract quality of what is being reflected back.  The colors become more muted, blended, and …fluid, almost bleeding one into another. And you know, reflection of mind and heart is kind of like that. When we take the time to  look in that glass mirror of our hearts, we see.  We seeRead more

…a few thoughts from my window…

So I looked out the window this morning and saw this, and all I could think of was something that I tell my kids (and myself!) again and again and again.  I tell them to “not look to the left or the right, you just do your thing.”  And when I saw the trees this morning, that’s exactly what I saw. The dogwood was blooming a beautiful shade of pink.  The huge oak that was towering over it had tracesRead more


I remember as a child so enjoying making paper placemats.  Usually, the teacher would instruct on how to cut the template for the placemat.  We’d take a piece of construction paper and then cut vertical slits, careful not to cut through to the edge.  Then, we’d cut long strips of paper in various colors to weave in and out horizontally.  Over, under, over, under, over, under, a beautiful pattern would emerge right before out eyes, and after a period ofRead more