Thankful Thursday

  So, today, I was so thankful for the sky.  Yep. Simple enough.  Thankful for wide open spaces and sunlight.  Today began with me feeling behind and thinking that it should be a crime to feel like you’re running late when you’re already in the car at 6:50 a.m.  But so it is with cafeteria duty.  I ran back into the house twice, and then spilled the precious coffee which I unashamedly need in the morning…especially during my month of earlyRead more

flock of seagulls

Had a little reminder from these birds today…these totally displaced birds hanging out in a parking lot in Shelby, North Carolina.  They are so very far from where they could (in my opinion, where they should be) flying free at the coast. Crazy little birds. If I were them, I’d sure choose the coast of NC way over the parking lot in this tiny little town in Western NC.  But here they sit. (And then, again…here I sit as well!) Displaced. Together.Read more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Seasons

Sometimes there are seasons of waiting.  Waiting when you see no signs of what you’re waiting for, but choosing to hope that it’s coming and that things are going on below the surface. Here’s a visual for ya–This bench won’t be empty for long…and the field will be full of cleat-clad baseball players giving it all they’ve got.  But it’s still now.  Quiet. But the players are all out there…somewhere, and when the time is right, they’ll convene and practiceRead more

Moments of Silence

So,  today the news was buzzing about the sad and unfortunate death of Antonin Scalia, one of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court.  Flags at the Capitol building are half-staff and the candidates at the debate last night had a one-minute moment of silence, with bowed heads and quiet….one moment to remember a life well lived and then they moved on to the political “debate”. The news media did not take long at all, however, to immediately turn theRead more

Love Lasts

  Yep. Am thinking true love lasts.  It stands.  It endures. It sacrifices, gives, bends. It joins together even when things are falling apart.  Love this photo of a dear couple’s hands.  They were joined together for a long time, a lifetime, and then they had to let each other go as one passed on. But am thinking that that love?  That love lasts even then.  Yep. Love lasts. “Love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things, believesRead more