…a few thoughts on crying out loud…

A week ago, our house was filled from top to bottom with a toxic yellow gray smoke that originated from a hot oil fire on the stove.  It wasn’t the oil fire that the smoke was from.  The smoke came from the melted, yep, MELTED microwave that the oil fire had fried. I was the culprit. Yep, me.  Usually careful, safety conscious, mom of a me was the culprit. I was wiped out when I had come home from aRead more


You can see it in the distance the sun over the hill Though the fog offers resistance The sun shines through still Though the fog may be prevailing Though the way is not clearly seen There’s a knowing, there’s a growing of Seeing through the trees The forest that is darkened The fog that fills and fades Will be burned away in time Till true sight is what remains Faith sees through the trees And faces one step at a timeRead more

To Dance

So, we got to go to the beach last weekend to visit precious family there and celebrate ThanksGiving.  Although there was lots to be thankful for, there was also, as always, lots of challenges that are being faced. Hope was facing a few challenges of her own, but you wouldn’t have known it.  She laughed, helped, talked, shared, and…danced.  We were at the beach and had had some conversations about the challenges faced, but when it was over, she danced.Read more