… a few thoughts on peace…

Peace can look like quiet waters, a river flowing gently. So often, peace is equated with stillness, quiet, solitude.  I know I feel such a sense of peace and solitude when walking on the river’s edge after a long day.  The quiet waters, the sun shining, the path with sounds of life all around, but none too prevalent…it’s all a picture of peace. But sometimes, the quiet, the solitude, the lack of churning of the water…can lead to…muck. I heardRead more

…a few thoughts on red-tailed catfish and common ground…

So, my son’s birthday was yesterday.  He had a few specific things that he wanted:  a red-tailed catfish for his aquarium, and possibly a Lowe’s gift card for some tools, wood, etc for his projects.  We decided to celebrate a day early because our youngest son was going out of town for a retreat and wanted to be there to celebrate his brother’s birthday.  So after work on Thursday, I rushed out to Lowe’s first to get the gift card.Read more

WPC – Monochrome

There’s something about this photo that I love.  How the sun behind casts a shadow in front.  That the shadow in front kind of leads the way that we’re going.  That the sun behind us gives us a sense of who we are and helps us know we are leaving our mark and having an impact, even if it just means leaving a shadow. That when the sun is behind us, there’s an awareness of our being, our presence, who weRead more

Until the Sun Goes Down

It’s a beautiful September day, and as I walked in the house and looked out at the back deck, the deck seemed white with sunlight.  So I didn’t spend much time inside…just enough to help my husband with a computer issue, talk to my son about his day, and then I was off to sit in the warmth of the beautiful sunlight on the deck. The warmth and light on the deck was perfect, so much so that I justRead more

Mono chromatic Pebbles Weekly Photo Challenge

Pebbles.  A millions little pieces that can become the ground we walk on.  As a child, I knew the feeling of walking barefoot on little pebbles, for we had pebbles that filled the spaces around the back of our home.  We played in pebbles by making mounds, we smoothed the pebbles with rakes, we threw and scattered the pebbles with buckets and dump trucks and were strongly reminded to make sure the pebbles get back to the area within theRead more

Thankful Thursday

Today…am thankful for… …rain that comes in gently and leaves quietly, but leaves a trail of refreshment and rejuvenation. I’m thankful for the way the rain revitalized the purple flowers that have bloomed all summer, but seemed a bit tired and in need of a lift…much like the one writing this blog. I’m thankful for … …the ability to walk in a store, buy the oil that my car needs, pay for it, drive away with it, and then ‘feed’ it toRead more