Sunday Stills ~ The Long and Winding Road , version 2

Fog, darkness, bends in the road, there are times when we have absolutely no idea what’s ahead. Thankful for the verse that says, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding Acknowledge Him in all your ways And He will direct your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5,6) I need to put muscle and will and determination into taking the steps and the heart and soul into believing in the One who leads the way evenRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Converge

I loved walking on the pier today…it’s awesome to be able to see the wide expanse of the ocean, to feel the wind, the ocean mist, and the warmth of the sun on this chilly day in November.  But what I loved even more was going underneath and seeing this view of what was holding the pier up in the first place. The under girding of the pier took planning, strength, determination, and will in order to provide a strongRead more

Under the Same Sky

Years ago, I wrote a song called, “Under the Same Sky”.  It was written while I sat on the porch steps and looked up at the stars and thought about my friend who I knew was probably out walking “under the same sky”, seeing the same stars. (She always went for a walk in her neighborhood at a certain time of night.)   But of course, we were seeing those stars from different vantage points.  You see, we had hadRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Angular”

    In looking back over some of my favorite “angular” shots, I realized that some of my favorite photos in this category were taken during hospital stays.  There are lots of clean fine lines, straight edges, squares and rectangles and neatly designed orderly boxes.  Maybe the order and fine lines of the surroundings grant a little comfort for those who find themselves at crisis points in their lives when things are anything but orderly and planned out.  I know thereRead more