Beautiful Resilience

Reaching… Protecting… Blooming… Overflowing… Creeping… Nourishing… Flourishing… Beautiful Resilience….visible reminders of how God’s design is so intricate and strong and beautiful.  Resilience adapts and overcomes and is beautiful for all to see.  Love how God shows us things in nature that are so meant to thrive in ourselves.  As I went through the walk in the woods yesterday my heart was just tired.  But as I looked around and saw the visuals….the tree reaching for the sky, the vine creepingRead more

Sun down

Sun goes down but… in between shadows above and darkness beneath, Light lingers Light defines Light beautifies Light enlightens. and lightens the load. Thankful for Light that lingers after the sun has gone down. “From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3Read more

Thankful Thursdays ~ A New October

So, this one comes home and says, “I want to enter a poster contest. It’s about bullying.” And as soon as he says the “b” word, my mind races into all sorts of directions. It’s instantaneous and automatic. But I mask the stuff going on inside of me and say that I think it’s a great idea.  I’m proud of his initiative and thankful for opportunities for my youngest to put himself out there. But the “b” word?  The conceptRead more


     So, if you were to walk on the beautiful path at the edge of the Broad River, you might come across this scene.  The light gray trees rise above the verdant canopy like candles on a cake.  But they do not tell a story of celebration. They tell a story of what had been destructive to the whole area  years prior.  A forest fire had raged through the acreage at the river’s edge and the flames had quicklyRead more