Sunday Stills ~ Cows

It was one of those mornings.  I hit the snooze button time after time, and then had to rush to get ready because of the moments wasted hitting the snooze button.  Even though I had spent hours working on things to prepare for some meetings at work, I was still ill-prepared for the day. I had stayed up till after one o’clock writing reports for the next day, and  had fallen asleep before everything was done.  I was starting theRead more

Shadows on the Ground

     Branches overhead Images mirrored in snow Roots lie underneath       a few random thoughts… Perspective Changes Everything shadows, intangible representations, mirrors of reality untouchable, unreachable, but visible So much to this world we don’t see and so much to this world that we see with perspectives that are amiss Praying for eyes to see things as they are and the heart to interpret the unseen with eyes of faith      Read more

A Word A Week Challenge ~ Violet

Violet Sky Day is Done by James Quinn Day is done, but love unfailing dwells ever here Shadows fall, but hope, prevailing, calms every fear. God, our Maker, none forsaking, take our hearts of Love’s own making Watch our sleeping, guard our waking, be always near. Dusk descends, but light unending shines through our night You are with us, ever lending new strength to sight One in love, your truth confessing one in hope of heaven’s blessing May we see,Read more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Kitchen

The prompt was asking about a key ingredient, a staple in our kitchens. My first thought was definitely coffee, fully-loaded!  (But that’s not necessarily my family’s staple, it’s for me and my mental health.)  But in terms of family staples in the kitchen, I would have to say that pasta wins.  These jars are always full of some kind of pasta. We have pasta in many forms each week. The variety switches from rotini to penne to tortellini to farfelle, to macaroni,Read more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

I so understand the prompt challenge that “dishes don’t do themselves”.  There are a myriad of jobs to do daily that won’t do themselves.  But… as one who has a very persnickety dishwasher, I want to encourage those of you who do have a reliable dishwasher, to be very thankful because, dishes do (pretty much) do themselves!  I have had weeks of having to troubleshoot things with ours and am relieved EVERY time that I open the dishwasher to findRead more

Travel Theme – Amarelo

Amarelo, Amarillo, Yellow… Yellow lemons add a bit of sunshine to my kitchen and brighten up my day.  When life gives me lemons… am thinking I’ll  just throw them in a bowl and…. blog about them!  Literally and figuratively…   “Count it all Joy….” James 1: 2 Travel theme: YellowRead more

Like a Crashing Wave~

I could feel it building all day. I could feel it rising in me like a tide that is building and building and building, and before you know it, the calm sea turns into a torrent of crashing waves at high tide that overtake everything in its path.  I was in its path and it was overtaking me fast. As I walked out of my classroom, sirens blared and an ambulance passed the school in a rush of sound andRead more