Daily Prompt Challenge ~ Transformation

Early Morning Metamorphosis… Take one sleepy and unfocused me, add a cup of coffee or two, a shower, some time in the Word of God, and “voila!” there’s a transformation, a major one! Thankful for that. (So are those around me in the early hours!) Some things just have a way of changing us from the inside out. Not just for the moment. Love that. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed byRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – ‘Repentance’

‘Repentance’ definitely isn’t a word for preschoolers. But most of these young little folks have ample opportunites to learn about the concept! This photo captures one of those opportunities – a teachable moment when the little guy learns about turning and being forgiven and starting fresh. No, he didn’t committ anything major, but learning to turn from wrongs done, and being forgiven is a crucial part of growing up…no matter the age. His Dad is listening. He’s getting on hisRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – “Awestruck”

The first grade student comes into my room. “Can you read this to me?” he asks. My heart just melted as I saw this little guy’s attempt to write a book. He looks up at me with these big eyes. Oh boy. It’s not quite decipherable…after all, this boy struggles with reading and here is his attempt to write a book…in cursive. Yikes. I made a big deal of his attempt and took a picture and asked him to shareRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge ~ “Carte Blanche”

carte blanche : “unrestricted power to act at one’s own discretion” Not sure there’s ever been a more clear moment of ‘carte blanche’ than when our first baby came into the world. This photo was taken in those precious moments after he was born and shows our first gaze on him as we held him together. I thought I knew it all…and knew very little! But one thing was so apparent from the very beginning…that we loved him and heRead more

angels and shepherds

Little bare feet walked the red carpeted aisle of our church. Angels and shepherds draped in tunics made from cloths which may or may not have come from their moms’ linen closets made their way to center stage of our church service where they shared the story of how an Extraordinary God came down to earth to some very ordinary people. Some little performers sang loudly for all to hear as they clapped enthusiastically to the music. Some courageous littleRead more


Agitated. That’s the word. Agitated. The way you feel when you’re being tossled around from one thing to the next and you want to come up for air and have a breather, but you just get bumped again. Yep. Agitated. The word that describes how it feels to to get bumped and to either not be able to do anything about it or to choose to remain quiet and appear to not respond to the agitation because you know it’sRead more