Daily Prompt Challenge – Orderly

Black and white keys, each with a designated note in a designated place, all in a specific order. Each plays a specific note, and if it is out of tune, the rest sound “off” as well. Orderly, precise, and predictable is the design of the piano. The design is uniform, however, the ways the keys are played are as unique as each individual playing this instrument. The way I see it, we all are given some things that are theRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge -Orderly

Cousins all in a row. Four boys, two girls waiting quietly to have their picture taken. One boy, not waiting so quietly. Only so many ducks can stay in a row for so long before somebody cracks (quacks!) This time,it was the little guy in the striped shirt. One can only stand still for so long, especially when one is 4 years old. It is especially tough when one has so much to say, and so many wiggles to workRead more

Daily Prompt Challenge – Mastery

There aren’t many things that Tanner loves more than fishing. Accomplishments at school? Well, they don’t come easy. Kudos on the court or field? Well, his heart condition keeps him from that. Being in the “in” crowd? Well, that hasn’t come all that easy either, but he’s loved and adored by those who know him well. But fishing? Oh yeah, Tanner can claim mastery here! He catches more than his older brothers on a consistent basis and it feels awesomeRead more

The “These” and the “Those”

Where Grace Abounds Those in desperate need of a doctor are not the healthy, But the sick Those who are in need of water Are the thirsty Those who are in need of a meal Are the hungry Those who are in need of covering Are the naked Those in need of freedom Are the enslaved Those who are in need of mercy are the accused Those who are in need of forgiveness Are the unforgiven..and the unforgiving Those whoRead more

Daily Prompt: A Friend In Need

The need? Chloee needs a bit of comforting after falling on the concrete. She handled it well at first, but concern for the “boo-boo” kept surfacing. The friend? A sister who let her know with a cheek to cheek hug that she loved her and she was sorry about Chloee having to deal with the “boo-boo”. The needs may change as we get older. Financial stresses, physical challenges, and difficult circumstances can get us down. But there’s nothing like aRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Fresh”

Fresh Flowers on Mother’s Day Fresh memories of this Mother’s Day which was more than a decade ago Fresh little faces…with their whole lives ahead of them (And one fresh little boy on my lap who had just been in time out for probably being too “fresh”) Fresh tears on my cheeks as I realize how quickly the time flies Fresh resolve to cherish the moments with those who are with me right here, right now.Read more

Silhouette of Trees and Clouds

I was driving home the other day, and saw the same scene I see all the time. But this time, it really caught my eye. The tree line and the line of clouds seemed to be mimicking each other. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but I wanted to share it anyway. Love the unexpected little surprises that can come any given day. I guess I just want to be sure that I have the eyes to see them. AmazingRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge – “Fresh”

Fresh Coat of Paint There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to dress something up, especially when the paint color is RED! Love this little red caboose found on back country roads in Lattimore, NC. It reminds us of the past, makes us smile, and dresses up the little town for all eyes to see. So here’s the thing. Life is short. Celebrate the little things each and every day. And when in doubt, paint it red. (Wrote aRead more