One and the Same

Statue of Liberty in the distance, and those from different lands and walks of life breathing in the air of the Hudson Bay and enjoying the same sounds and surroundings of Battery Park. Different walks, same destination. Love that.Read more

Daily Photo Challenge ~The Artist’s Eye

When in New York City last week, I saw so many amazing sights and sounds. But one of my favorite was of this statue which was designed by Luis Sanguino. It’s a statue depicting the immigrants arriving in America. Ellis Island is just across the waterway as is the Statue of Liberty. I love the passion of the sculpture…and the story of stories it depicts of people finally arriving at their destination. The adversity overcome gives birth to the incredibleRead more

Word of the Week Challenge – Vibrant

A sea of business suit-clad men were walking on the busy sidewalk during rush hour on a New York City street. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the serious business world emerges a father holding the hand of his son. Bright reds, greens, blues, and the Signature “S” on the back of a cape stands out in the sea of black and brown. He had a spring in his step and yet held tightly to the hand of his Dad.Read more

Moment of Kindness – Daily Prompt

Doesn’t get much sweeter than this! Little two year old Chloee shares a flower with her mom Sometimes the spontaneous little acts of kindness are the best. Unexpected delights shared out of the blue. Chloee saw the beauty of the flower, picked it, and didn’t leave it at that. Love that even a two year old wants to share the beauty they see! May we never lose that desire to share the joys and beauty in our lives…Read more