A Word A Week Challenge ~ “Dawn”

After the rain… The other morning was so beautiful. I always take the back roads to work to help me get a fresh start to my day. The night before this photo was taken, it had rained a great deal. The greens are lush, and the yellows were bright. The sky had a distant hint of purples and pinks in the mix of the clouds that were left behind from the night’s storm. It was a great way to startRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge – “Change”

When Wisteria Blooms On the outskirts of Boiling Springs, NC, there is a place that is transformed from an ordinary clump of trees to a sea of lavender plumes. Every Spring it happens during a small window of time when wisteria blooms. Around mid-April, gray trunks and branches are decorated with wisps of wisteria that sway with the wind. The fragrance is strong and sweet and is often carried through the town on gentle breezes. The beauty of the lavenderRead more

Weekly Writing Challenge ~ Playing with Space

Autism               Awareness Aware?    Autism                  Speaks Who is Listening? Autism                  Speaks  Loud and Clear But often not in our language We see………….but their behavior is not appropriate We hear…….but their reactions are too loud We listen………but we do not understand   Maybe, we need to learn another language Maybe we need to see that they are speaking loud and clear But we don’t translate the message correctly Like morse code that has been interrupted Like sign language with mittens on Like speakingRead more

A Word A Week Challenge – “Old”

“Old” Wrinkled hands on weathered pages Bible eternally old and new Wrinkled hands on weathered pages Worn by use and seen anew Wrinkled hands on weathered pages Old, but full of life refreshed Searching daily for new truths Seeking God and being blessed Wrinkled hands on weathered pages Words of life breathe life anew Dust to dust are hands and pages But…Eternal Truths and Lives shine throughRead more

The Weight of the World…

    What a photo. Little girl putting all of the strength she can muster into holding up a huge boulder. We smile at the valiant effort of this willful little girl innocently and tenaciously thinking she can actually hold it up. I don’t doubt that her willful determination so clouded her view, that she may have started to be concerned that if she got out of the way, this boulder would fall! Oh, how important was her job toRead more

Flying Free

April 8th is Hayden’s birthday. This is the first birthday his family will celebrate without him. And yet in many ways, who he is, and was is so very alive in their memory. Certainly this thirteen year old’s life had an impact that lives on. And so did his passing. There are times in life when it feels as though the stage has been set, and the people and circumstances that come into our lives are anything but an accident.Read more

A Different Kind of “Mr. Right”

I have a funny, not-so-funny story.  My dear friend has been divorced for 2 years.  She has handled with grace a million different scenarios involving a husband who doesn’t seem to see or care about the impact he’s having on others.  She has forgiven, encouraged, walked courageously and boldy through so many sticky situations. So when she told me that she was going to go on a date, I was happy for her.  Her exhusband has had countless ‘girlfriends’ overRead more

On Restless Nights of Waiting

Daily Post ~ Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey I read a blog today that brought up so much in me.  A woman was waiting.   Waiting to hear from her husband.  He’s a recovering alcoholic, and was currently “helping” a sponsor who was back to drinking. Immediately I wanted to tell her that I understood, and to somehow alleviate some of the weight she was feeling during her time of waiting.  I wanted her toRead more


Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it? Well, that was easy. It didn’t take but a second to think of what that was. My prized possession was a gold baby ring with 3 pearls and 2 bits of turquoise embedded in the ring. I think the value was not only in the beauty of the ring, but in the fact that it had been my Dad’s baby ring, and it went toRead more